S4S (Surfaced Four Sides)

– Fryburg Door manufactures to the customers specified width.

  • *S4S is predominately used for the construction of face frames.
  • *S4S stands for surfaced 4 sides.

– Sanding is optional.

– Have the ability to mold finished widths ranging from ½” to 8 ½”

– Have the ability to mold finished thicknesses ranging from 3/16” to 3 ½”

– Random length consists of 8-12’

– Longer lengths are available and based on lumber inventory may carry a longer than normal schedule.

– Sanding is available on the front and back for an additional cost per lineal foot.

– Due to safety and machining concerns, we are not able to sand edges.

– Fryburg Door holds the right to modify our list prices on orders that are specified outside the species limitations. (Ex. 6” wide 10’ long clear white oak with no sap on face or edges.)