Edge Glued Panels (Glue-Ups)

– All 4/4 Edge Glued Panels are color matched. All 5/4 Edge Glued Panels are color and grain matched. Select and Super Select are available on most species in both 4/4 and 5/4.

– The face of each Edge Glued Panel will be free of defects.

  • Natural wood characteristics are not considered a defect. (See wood specie definitions for natural characteristics.)

– Fryburg Door rips each stave of wood to insure square-ness prior to gluing.

– Max size- 47.5” x 156” is our maximum width and length.

  • Fryburg Door can accommodate orders of Edge Glued Panels wider than 47 ½”, however, these orders will be processed as two Edge Glued Panels and the customer will be responsible for gluing and sanding two pieces together.

– CTS tolerance + or – 1/32”

  • Max CTS available is 47 ½” x 156”

– Non CTS Edge Glued Panels will have up to ¼” in width and ¾” in length of oversize.

  • Overages may vary. Do not order smaller in hopes of achieving your net dimension with the overages.

– Sanding grit build up: 120-150-180 (use 3 head sanders)