Component Program

The component program is a program derived from a “lean manufacturing” viewpoint. This program helps you to focus on “just in time” delivery to minimize your inventory, maximize/manage your production time, and expedite your lead-times by utilizing all that the component program has to offer.

The component program is a simple, unique, and very customizable process for creating and manufacturing all lines of furniture and custom kitchens.

How it works:

  • This program allows you to order all the pieces and parts that are needed to manufacture one piece of furniture/cabinet.
  • The list of parts can be saved in our system for easy access for information and ordering, while still being able to order a completely customized piece of furniture, as well.
  • The parts are ordered per your specs and 7 working days later they are prepared and ready for delivery.
  • Every piece, from doors to dovetailed boxes and S4S to plywood, are packaged and labeled with the component name and/or number.  This allows easy access to all the parts quickly.  In return, you are able to find and pull off all needed parts and begin to assemble the specific piece of furniture/cabinet.


Component Program Goals:

  • Lower your inventory and yield loss.
  • Lower manufacturing time per piece of furniture or cabinet.
  • Gain production and throughput.
  • Gives you exact fixed costs for material.
  • Saves office time prepping redundant cut sheets for ordering.
  • Helps provide your customer with product faster, creating value for them.


Miscellaneous Component Information:

  • All revisions must be faxed or emailed in. Verbal phone adjustments are not accepted.
  • All customers will receive copies of “the saved component” that we have in Excel.